Water Pressure

by King Pug

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Blues/Rock power duo King Pug strike again just 2 months after their debut with "Water Pressure" - a 3 track E.P. recorded and produced by front man Dave Wilkinson at his own "Wilkinson D.I.Y." studio. Harder hitting, grittier and groovier than ever, this is Rock music you can dance to, Blues music that won't give you the blues!


released October 10, 2013



all rights reserved


King Pug UK

King Pug - Rock music you can dance to, Blues music that won't give you the blues.

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Track Name: Suckin' In
Sucking in sucking in
Girl I'm tired of sucking in. x2

You want a man who's tall and lean
You read to many magazines
Why don't you stick to what you got
The kind of man who sweats when he's hot

Sucking in...

Yeh I like beer and pizza too
I'm tired of trying to change for you
Are you gonna let me go to waste
Or are you going to change your tastes?

Sucking in...

Inst. bridge

I might be bulging at the sides
But I'm no longer going to hide
If you want a man who's skin and bone
You better leave this man alone

Sucking in...

I see you hanging around the gym
Trying to keep your body slim+
See my big belly baby, nice and round
Well I worked hard for every pound

Sucking in...
Track Name: I Met The Devil
3 colock in the morning
Been working since 8
Isn't too much happening
I'm in quite a state
Everybody packing up now
The night has been and gone
Then out of nowhere she appeared
Says “why don't you walk me home?”

I met the devil that night
She said her dress was too tight
I met the devil that night
Looking for a fight
I met the devil that night
She drew the dark from the light
I met the devil that night
Looking just right

Walked her up to her front door
Then she asked me in
I was planning on leaving until I saw
That devilish grin
Put on some devil's music and
Pulled out some Devil's dust, she said
Take a ride on the ghost train
In the Devil we trust


Just as I saw the sunrise
I saw her dissappear
Right in front of my eyes I swear
She was no longer there
I haven't been the same since
It's a mystery
Everynight around 3am
I get the devil in me
Track Name: Don't Moan To Me
You bring it on yourself
Got yourself to blame
Stepping out all night
Sleeping in all day

So don't you moan, don't you moan, don't you moan to me x2

You like to take your time
But time is running out
People Moving on
While you sit and doubt


Got nowhere, got nowhere to etc
But down

You say that life ain't far
You say that life is hard
You talk of giving up
Before you even start